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Order is late

First timer using Fiverr.

Advise please.

Even though I’m quite upset with the delivery date because I paid extra money in order to be delivered to me within one day. I messaged the seller prior to my ordering if she was able to meet my expectation. She said yes, therefore placed an order and expected my order to be delivered. It now shows that my order is late.
She messaged me saying there has been technical issues which have been solved but will be running late.
I replied back saying then when will it be done by?

Honestly, I just need my order to be completed. I don’t have time to find another seller.

So my question is if I cancel my current order, what happens to the order that was requested?

Do I still get completed order I placed& get refunds back or how does this thing work?

Please give me answers. Thank you all!

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Hi there Mikats,

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

If you request a cancel via the resolution tab, the seller can accept or decline, you can keep doing this as the timer ticks down. If the delivery is very late then CS should auto cancel the order, the problem is that some bad sellers cheat the system by doing a fake delivery. You can then request a modification that restarts the timer.

If the refund is accepted you will get your funds back but I’m not sure whether this goes to a credit on the account. You will also not get your completed work. You can stick with the current seller and wait the longer completion (hopefully the work is as expected) time and then write a review. It’s the ultimate power you have, as this kind of thing can give us, as sellers, a bad name and turn people away from Fiverr.

  • If you cancel and it’s accepted, then you can’t write a review. If CS cancel it, this really impacts the seller’s account.

Hope this has been of some help, any other questions just post them here and we’ll try to answer them.

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Thanks so much for the answer!

Since I’m on time manner and really needs the order to be done, I will just wait…

you have option to cancel the Order.

No transaction fees will be refunded on cancelling the order. That is to say, fiverr makes money even the seller is a scam. Besides, you can’t give feedback on cancelled orders, which means seller can get away with it.

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Are you sure about that? When I cancel orders, all my money goes back to me. Of course, my experience might be different because I don’t use paypal to order, I use my own funds, from what I make selling here.

@alexfeng: I don’t think you are referring to transaction fees, I think you mean processing fees. They aren’t normally returned because they aren’t needed. Refunds go into the buyer’s Fiverr credit. As an example, if they spent 5.50 ($5 plus processing fee) they will get back $5 even. However, when they order a $5 gig using the credit, there is no processing fee.

Nothing is lost so what you have said is incorrect unless you know of some other “transaction fee.” Fiverr uses the processing fees to help cover the costs of processing payment methods, so it isn’t money made, it’s money used as described. This is also all disclosed to the buyer and the seller when they sign up for their account and agree to read the Terms of Service.

In addition, you made two posts that were very similar, so the other one was removed. There is no need to make duplicate posts with essentially the same content.

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hello! Sir please tell me my order was late but buyer appreciated my worked but now i don’t received my payment or remarks for buyers… please tell now what can i do…? i am new on fiverr so i don’t know… :frowning:

I’ve just had the same problem with @mashiro787. Only too keen for me to make my order and then no communication as the deadline expired on Friday. I had to chase and was promised delivery yesterday. Today I cancelled as it still hadn’t arrived. I contacted mashiro787 again this morning and all I got back was an offer to cancel. I took the money and ran, I can’t be doing with poor customer service like that. My first experience on Fiverr and it did not go well at all.

if you not satisfy then you can cancel the order

Sorry about your experience, but let say that was one experience in a thousand. There are good sellers, many of them, on fiverr that would brighten your day when you hire them.

Hi Mikats,

If the order is late the you can cancel the order and you will be refunded. Don’t worry about your money.

Let me tell you how Fiverr work:

  1. You place the order. Fiverr takes your money and acts as middle man. It don’t give money to the seller until you approve the delivery.

  2. Seller do his work and sent you the delivery. You check it and accept it then Fiverr sent the payment to the seller.

  3. If order is late then you can straight away cancel the order. Or You can mutually cancel the order. Its your wish.

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

Best of luck…

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If the buyer is not responding then may be he/she will be away. If after many days he does not respond then send him the delivery and you will get your money after 3 days(if the buyer does not respond).

Speaking of fake delivery, my seller sent me a message this morning indicating my order will be completed soon. Instead of sending a notification she sent a delivery which stopped the clock from ticking. Plus it took away the ability to cancel the order bc the system thinks I already have it. I sent a msg and she said she’d send within 24 hours. I had no intention of canceling the order but she didn’t go about this the right way. If your running behind just say so. Most people are very understanding but don’t try and beat the system. Unprofessional.

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If you paid extra for a quick delivery but it is late, do you get the money back?

What is this.

You must let the seller complete the orders, and you pay for it.

If you work for someone and not paid.

How can YOU feeling?

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