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Order is more than 5$, How do I pay the Seller more than 5$?

I ordered a gig and with the seller I choose a amount of money that I pay for the gig, This time it’s 45$. The gig that I have ordered is only 5$… How do I give the seller 40$? Do I have to order the same gig 9 times? So that (9 x 5 = 45$) he get’s the money? There must be a other way… Also when I try ordering the same gig a few times, I get the message to try again in a few minutes…

Please help! I want to give my seller 45$ for the GIG he wants to offer me, but I don’t know how!


Can I only add the ‘extra’ when I request a modification? Is there another way to add and ‘extra’ once the seller has sent me the gig?

Thank you.

Got it! Thank you.

I had to wait till I was offered a modification again. Previously, I requested the modification and it did not allow me to add onto the gig while I was waiting for the modification response from my seller.

Thanks! The seller is new to Fiverr so I have to order the gig 9 times! Thankss!