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Order is not accepted and client is not responding after raising revision

It has been more than 40 days I have been place the order but my client raise the revision i ask him to what he want to change but he is now answering not it has been more than 40 days.
I don’t no what to do Is anybody help me?
Thanks in advance


Hi. He is abusing the revision button. Simply redeliver the same thing and tell him “I’m sorry but you never told me what you wanted for the revision. It’s been 40 days and I need the order to complete. Thanks”.

If you’re lucky, the guy never replies and the order will auto complete in 3 days.


and if the buyer give me a bad review then??

He’s made you wait 40 days, he probably just forgot about it. Don’t you want to get paid?

He probably won’t reply or leave a review, but if he does, you can reply to his review so everyone can see what happened.

Or… you can wait forever.


You are right zerline I deliverd it ! thank you so much !

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