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Order is not come

I have already 5-6 months active in Fiverr but I have don’t come any order. suggest me, anyone, please

my profile link is below ;


i suggest you please cake your gig activity and send proper buyer request and active all time in fiverr


owk thank you [digital_shahin]


just wait and see come in time

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  1. Plan About Your Niche. The first and foremost thing for starting your account on Fiverr is planning about your niche.
  2. Give More Time to Gig.
  3. Write Best Gig Description.
  4. Design Eye-Catching Gig Image
  5. Send 10 Buyer Requests Daily

thank you [sakibimran50]

Same story bruh. Not much orders at all. I even got the Rising Talent badge but it didn’t make some sense.


I made a new gig without getting the old gig order

Try it be as more you can online. It works!

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Be online! It works as I can see!

research your gig keywords, then make your new gig, share them to social sites, active in Fiverr & send buyer request regularly.

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you can share your gig on your social account.

I’ll be honest - it might SEEM like it works because you’re online a lot, but 99% of the people who message you would still message if you weren’t online.
Of course, do check in but just like with any other website. Not all day / all night.
Source: Most of my orders come through at night.


Be 24hrs activeted and sent buyer request.

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Find and read useful posting about success experiences written by pros.

The replies to this kind of post are just normal. but the advices might be same as what you are doing now.

Don’t try to get shortcut know-how. If you study from A to Z about principal how fiverr works, you would not reach to Z because of many orders.


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Check this post out to see ways that you can increase your orders and if you have any other questions!

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First of all check your activities. If yogik is inactive then contact with Fiverr support.
If yourGig is active then check your Gig and analysis your Gig.

I am in the same situation. However, I can tell that it would be better to take a look on your gig’s descriptions. I think there are many linguistic mistakes and it is difficult to catch your point at once.

Please go to Fiverr help & support and check your all gig status is active or not.
Make a perfect Gig based on your keyword. And this keyword needs to upgrade SEO. Try to stay online most of the day. Best wishes to you.

Your gig descriptions are full of English grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. In some cases, I couldn’t make sense of what it said.

Also, forget the advice of staying online 24/7. We’re not robots, we all need to eat and sleep.

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