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Order is not coming from my best gig


I need help from someone? Flyer design is the best gig for my profile but presently no order is coming from flyer gig. When I created this gig two year ago, I got a lot of order from that gig. Order is now coming from my other gig.

Can you please help me, why not coming order from my best gig?



Well, what are you doing to promote your gig? Perhaps if you did some promotion and/or marketing, you would be able to increase the visibility of your non-selling gig.

Don’t expect Fiverr to bring you sales or make you successful. YOU need to do the hard work to make this happen on your own. Marketing is one such area of hard work that can yield targeted results.


Dear Khairul:

How do you prefer to be addressed? Your customers want to know what to call you.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Here is a link to your profile.

  • Your log line:


The phrasing here is awkward. ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING. I suggest removing the word “clean” and adding commas where needed.

*Your profile image:

You’ve gone with marketing yourself as a company with a logo. I suggest marketing yourself as a person with a photo of you smiling.

  • Your profile text:

I’m a graphic designer. I am here not just to earn money, but to express my skills and make my customers happy. If you need a brand new identity, like flyer, poster, brochure, or other similar project, then please let me show you what I can do for you.

I’ve cleaned this up somewhat for language and punctuation, but I suggest you go back to the drawing board.

I suggest you polish all your gigs, removing awkward phrasing, hiring a copy writer if necessary.

  • Gig Title:

I will create all kind of flyer

Case in point. This is awkward phrasing.

  • Gig Description:

Hello, my name is Khairul Islam Nipun (KIN).

This should appear in your profile description. I don’t know why you added the abbreviation of your name. I don’t know why you did not capitalize the first letter of each name.

The English in this awkward, particularly, “all kind of flyer - Different style!” and “If you’re not happy with the produce, I will re-do it.”

A suggested format for your gig descriptions (which you are already pretty much following):





  • Video: 30 to 60 seconds. Fiverr says videos can boost your sales. You should include lots of examples. All of your gigs should have videos.

Gig Images: With your Live Portfolio, you have this covered.

Gig Extras:

You’ve gone the gig packages route, which is fine.

Gig Packages:

Your revision policy is inconsistent. I suggest pulling the bit about re-doing produce from the gig description, because you have that covered in your gig packages.

Good luck,


hey @blaisefaint are you seriously replying the same canned response to all low level sellers asking about their gigs?

wouldn’t it be better if you made a post about it, if you have something new to add to the 100s of posts about best practices/guidelines that is.

Just a thought.