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ORDER ISN'T PLACED YET"We're working on it We'll email you once your order is ready."

Hey Fiverr Team it’s 15 Hours AGO I Purchase a Gig Via Paypal But it stuck on a Page saying that
We’re working on it We’ll email you once your order is ready.
I Opened Tickets To Solve This issue 15 Hours before But Still i don’t get any response !!
Kindly Check This issue And Solve it as it’s Taking Too much Time To Place Order !!


Two things;

  1. This is a user forum. Nobody from Customer Support is here, so you will not be able to get any help with your orders. We’re all just sellers and buyers like yourself. You will need to contact Customer Support.
  2. Who told you that you would be emailed once the order is ready? If it was the seller, this means that they’re working on your order. You need to give them the pre-agreed time (1 day, 2 days, 3 days or whatever you agreed with them) to complete the order for you.

100% correct. Nevertheless the Fiverr app, under “Support”, lists the following:

  • Help & Education
  • Leave Feedback
  • Forum
  • Blog

It’s a little misleading. I guess there is technically ‘support’ here, it’s just in the form of advice or instructions from other users and you need to search for it!


I know But How I Can Contact Support as I already opened Multiple Tickets and it’s Already 16 Hours Gone But Not a Single Reply I Get From Support and
“We’re Working” Message I get from Fiverr Not Any Seller as Seller Don’t Recieve any order From My Side But My payment is Deducted That’s Why i come here That Any Face facing this issue and any solution he/she Get or Not ??

You only need to open one ticket. Then you need to allow support some time to respond. 24 to 48 hours is the standard minimum. Opening multiple tickets will only add to the time it takes them to reply to you.

That’s how Fiverr works. You pay for work up-front. This is all explained to you very clearly in the Terms of Service.

As mentioned before, if this is an error, nobody here can fix it. I don’t understand what you think anyone in the forum will be able to explain to you that will help you? If it’s not a bug and the seller is working, you’ll need to wait for them to complete the work. If it’s a bug, you need to allow Fiverr some time to fix the bug.

Be patient and I’m sure Fiverr CS will resolve your issue for you.

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Yup I am Waiting For Fiverr CS .

Since you opened multiple tickets before it was even 48 hours, it will probably take them longer than usual to get back with you. When you do that the tickets can get assigned to multiple Support people who have to sort out what is going on and which person will handle your ticket. This really gums up the process since it looks like spam in the ticket system. Usually they do answer in 24-48 hours but at this point you may need to give it a bit longer and hope they don’t just close all the tickets since they look like spam.


You can click on your profile then click on buying, then click on orders to see if your order was placed.

One ticket is all that is needed, as others have said. That will delay your response, to send more than one.