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Order Issue, I have 1 order issue help any person


One client had ordered my 1 gig. But he don’t give me any requirement. I tell him many times, give me your requirement but he don’t give me the requirement. Now order time is over. I am new in this market. What can i do for this. Please help me.


First of all, add a compulsory order requirement option to your gig, so that the deadline time might not start until and unless the requirements are not not submitted by the buyer.

Second, contact customer support center if they could help you. But I think they would not, because you have not asked the buyer from the order page to submit the requirements.

Remember, when the buyer orders, an option is shown to the seller, saying, to ask the buyer for requirements submission if the buyer has not submitted yet. It seems you have not used that option. Thats the reason, the mistake falls on your part, and sorry to say that.

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Thanks bro…actually i am new. Again thanks for your advise.

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You most welcome. Experience is the best teacher. Do not lose hope. No body can learn and move ahead if he/she fears of making mistakes.

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Please go on fiverr Resolution. And cancel This order.This is the best way I think.


Contract Customer suppor