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Order issue... Please help!

Yesterday a woman wrote me for an order. She asked me to send her an email to keep going. I sent her but no answer yet. Did she give up?

I would suggest for you to read TOS, you are not allowed to contact people outside of fiverr

P.s this is not an order problem. If she just reached out to you without placing an order that doesn’t mean anything yet. A lot of clients writing and disappearing after that.


The customer is not connected to Fiverr so he is writing me an email. I know about the rules, but it’s not on this site. I was just disappointed.

I got an offer from some woman yesterday. She sent me her email address and she said she had a business opportunity for me. I didn’t write to her though. In fact I reported her.

But this one sent me the offer to my inbox on fiverr, so I’m sure it’s not the same woman as yours. I know you would have reported it if the woman had sent you the message with her email on fiverr.


If that customer is not a Fiverr user, what’s that got to do with Fiverr, and why posting about it on Fiverr forum?