Order Issue



I’ve placed order yesterday and my card has been charged buy order has not showing in my account i don’t know what the issue is that can anyone help me please.

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I am also facing a similar issue, did you get any solution on this.


I got this kind of three transactions. I don’t know where to ask for refund?



This has also happened to me today. My credit card was charged right away but there is nothing showing that I actually ordered the gig.

Does anyone know why this may be happening? I would like to order a job right away but I don’t want to lose risking more money if it does not work. It is also frustrating not being able to talk to a customer service representative over the phone.


There appears to be a bug where this happens on some orders. It happened to a client of mine recently.
If you have not done so already, go to support.fiverr.com and submit a ticket explaining the situation and anything else relevant. If you do not have an order number then simply enter 123456789 and explain this in the message.
When my client did this, the order was activated within around 24 hours.