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Order issues, I need help fast, a buyer is threatening to file a complaint


I was given an order I did the work and submitted, the buyer like it and even left me a 5 star review, now the buyer is back complaining that I did shoddy work and wants her money back, what should I do?


@chloesuper7 If I were you, I’d do nothing. Just ignore. After the review is given, that gig is done and over with. You did well, and the buyer was happy. That’s it. End of story.

From this point, if you are being forced to spend even 10 mins ( getting on calls, dealing with support, or dealing with the buyers themselves), you better be paid for it.



Stay calm. Just ask what’s wrong and why they think they should get a refund?

Be very polite.

Why is the buyer so upset?

You need to keep on asking questions of the buyer to find out exactly what the problem is. Do not ignore it. Keep open a dialogue until the problem is solved with the buyer.


Thank you fetchprofits, the buyer is back 5 days later how I’m I to know if the work I did has not been used yet, so bad


Misscrystal, all the buyer says, I did shoddy work and she needs a refund. No interest in any other conversations


I would continue to ask in different ways what was wrong with it?
Say that unless there is a problem that they can explain there is not any reason for a refund. They can’t say only that its shoddy work and expect a refund.

So you have to communicate and if they refuse then you do not need to give them a refund.

Tell them that once a review has been left you have done the job so no refund is justified.


Ask the buyer to be more specific. In the meantime investigate him via Google.
File a complaint against the the buyer for harassment at CS before the buyer files a complaint against you, because who screams and complains first and the loudest will be heard.


Will the Fiverr admin be an issue if the buyer reported?


No. According to what you said the buyer was happy, and then simply demanded a refund later. There is nothing you did wrong.

It sounds like they just want free work. Customer service will see that if that is what is happening.

If you can take a screenshot of what the buyer said, that it was shoddy work and they want a refund, that will help a lot to show to customer support.


Mariokluser, already contacted customer care help waiting for their reply, thank you


Thank you Misscrystal


Next step: try to find evidence that he is using your material. Every little thing that you can blame on him/her is a win.


That is the real issue, it was academic work. I cannot exactly place it if used


Buyer is the most part of Our service. If your buyer nit satisfy with Your service He can ask the refund anytime. If he contact CS it will be a problem. you can speak with client regarding the issue.


A buyer can ask, but that doesn’t mean they should get it. That’s like eating a dinner at a restaurant, paying and saying it was good, then coming back in 5 days to ask for a refund. Customer Support often backs up the seller if the delivery was as-described and the buyer completed the order.


Just write in to customer support and have them manage it. You could have done a refund and get rid of this buyer – if the gig was still on, that is.

Now that the gig is done and the review was already given, just write to support and have them handle this issue. I’d request you not to worry about this anymore since it’s over and done with. Let the buyer do what he or she wants. You go ahead and continue working.


Some buyers are hit the feedback when the time, project was recieve. so after several days they will get to know the design is belong to someone and design is not new. so that time, buyer can ask the refund. I saw one of client post the issue like that in forum.

but I am agree with you. after approve the order they can;t say the design is shoddy and give me the refund. that is not fair. so it is like eating dinner example…


A day before yesterday I received an order of $15 from a buyer who wanted to create his website. He placed order for designing landing page. I told him that designing is not development. In designing you get only layout and design. Somehow, I started working on it as he said it is just a simple one. He was not even ready to provide me the full required details and said “one thing at a time”. Later he demanded some copyrighted video Worth $80-$100 as background. When I said it is not possible, he forcibly placed order of $10 I have for translation. I spent my whole night and did lot of customization for him. Later he changed the password for WordPress login and started asking for refund. I tried to convince him and asked him to talk to me an clarify over the Skype. But he was adamant, tried to get refund after getting work done and threatened to give negative feedback, complaint to Fiverr or chargeback from PayPal. What should I do???


Tell customer support and send them screenshots of all these threats he has made.


I already sent them the details with screenshot but received no reply. :frowning: