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Order Issues, Needed your Answers

Hello everyone, please i would like to ask a Question. an order was marked Automatically and the buyer was not satisfied and didn’t want a modification. but he as already left a feedback, tho i haven’t reviewed him back because it would definitely be a NEGATIVE ONE. i have contact the support to cancel the order and refund him. what i want to know is that after 14 days, if at all fiverrr cancel it. will his review pop up on my profile or as it as been canceled it won’t show anymore?
please i need your answers! Thanks


No, it will stay on your account anyway.
That’s quite silly to ask customer support to cancel your order because at the end you will be left with a review and with no money paid for your work.

You should read fiverr TOS. Reviews are permanent and non removable under any circumstances. Otherwise everyone would’ve been able to manipulate reviews like that.

You’d better close your ticket before support will reply and at least keep money for your work.


Thanks for the Help.

however the chat with CS can’t be cancelled

Ticket can be closed from your side. There is usually a checkbox next to “submit” button, “Please consider this request solved”. Just click on it and submit.


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The check box as been removed.