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Order issues which I faced in last couple of days

Hey There,

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I finalized a project and the buyer was quite satisfied and then I made him understand that in this price range we can deal with this much only. He asked for revisions and I was happy to make them corrected ASAP. But suddenly his Sub-ordinator came to me in the inbox and start asking for refunds. I said that I will be happy to recreate the animation but I can’t refund the money.

He said no I will complain about you I want the money back



What is a “Sub-ordinator”?


I’m so happy that you told him you would not give him a refund.

  1. It’s someone different from the person you were dealing with.
  2. The person was happy with the delivery so there is no reason to give a refund.

I think you should inform customer support that a buyer is attempting to get a refund on this order and you did the work correctly and do not want to give them one.

And continue to refuse to cancel the order. That’s my advice but you might differ in your opinion of how to handle this.


His head or you may assist him as Boss

No, a subordinate is someone beneath, not above.


That’s not the issue. Issue is that what to do as the fiverr will now taje action against me while i havent done anything wrong

Thanks a lot dear, i informed them. But its most likely to get my account suspended without any fault​:frowning::frowning::frowning:

Why do you say your account will get banned?

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Its common :neutral_face::neutral_face: hopefully this time not

What is common, and why? Please explain.


I already suffered long ago

That doesn’t answer my question. Please explain what I asked so you can get the best advice.


ok dear i will but as of now i to join my studio

I didn’t understand what you said. Anyway, I see you are avoiding answering.

As long as you don’t explain to us why you said what you said, we won’t be able to help you or guide you - whether on your conceptions or actions.


Sorry for that dear,
At that time i was quite busy​:sweat::sweat:
But now i am here to answer all.
There was a client named sbeaton94 on he was looking for 3d animation and i clearly mentioned him that in this price range i can only provide this much quality. He was agreeing this but suddenly his head came and ask for the past dues which i refused to and then he started warning me that i will contact and i was just shocked that may be my account could be suspended and yess what i was saying like that only i got a warning on delivering incomplete order​:neutral_face::neutral_face: lol.
Hopefully u may help me!!
Abhyuday from WpServices

@wp_services007 - please remove the name of the buyer. Naming buyers or sellers in order to call them out is against the forum tos.