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Order keeps redirecting

Hi I am a buyer with several active orders

The latest one i did - after i submited the work, i got redirected back to and every time i try to access this order - keeps redirecting home. Shows its still ‘Active’

Ive tried on desktop and mobile. Chrome, edge, cleared cache - all still same problem

Please help!



Clear your browser cache & cookies then try again if error again then try to contact Fiverr support.
Good Luck

contact customer support, they will fix the issue


As mentioned in the original post. I’ve already cleared the cache and tried on multiple devices. Its still redirecting

Also…I just ordered another gig today and its working fine.

My support request is stuck on Open!! Its a $2000.00 USD order…do any fiver support staff moderate here??

I guess fiverr support will solve this issue soon, these days sellers are facing a lot of issues with very low support from Fiverr in comparison to buyers…

My 2 support tickets are still open from last 6 months :frowning: No rank, no sales, no order, nothing happening