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Order Late due to revision

Order date = September 28th afternoon, Friday (this repeat customer almost always orders on Fridays), for a 4-day order so I have until October 2nd to deliver
Order delivered = September 30th, Sunday. In the delivery I asked to let me know whether I interpreted correctly one comment/requirement they had made. But I know this is a business (I think) and they never reply on the weekends.
Revision request = October 3rd, Wednesday, today. and order automatically ##LATE##. Takes me 15 minutes to make the changes and I re-deliver.
Now: my volume is low, usually fewer than 10 orders a month to when 1 order is late my on-time is immediately below 90% (usually 80%+, right now 88%) and it is very unlikely that I will bring it up above 90% in the 11 days before my next review. Therefore I will surely remain with no-level.
So I’d say maybe there should be a modification on how this delivery time is calculated, maybe if it takes more than 24 hrs to reply to a delivery you get an extra day, or the clock is stopped, or something. I am sure Fiverr employs people smarter than I that can figure it out.
Oh and this is the ranting pot forum so I am just ranting, I don’t want replies from the usual apologists.

Actually if you do the first delivery on time, further revisions will not affect to “On-time delivery” rating. I’m saying this from the experience which I had where lot of orders marked as “##LATE##” due to revisions. But make sure to deliver the first delivery on time.


hmm, really? I will verify the math. thank you

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