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Order Limit Option Bad Effect

Hello friends,

I used fiverr order limit option for my two gigs because of my university final exam. But after I turned it off I am not getting much orders like before. Anyone know about this? I am really upset and looking for your kindly advice as well as ideas.

Thank you


Limit orders/Vacation mode/Pause Gigs is usually not a problem for short periods but when used for some 15 days or more - can significantly effect your order inflow. This is because you haven’t delivered any orders recently and Fiverr devalues your gig and lowers it’s search positions.

Explore ways to regain momentum - approach buyers in buyers requests, start new Gigs, market your Gig elsewhere etc.


I used it for only 4,5 days friend. But I think it effects more

Ideally, 4 days should not affect much. May be fewer orders is because of something not directly related to limiting orders? Did you observe any fall in Gig views and clicks?

In any case, you may have to take steps at getting back the momentum as suggested above.

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… I observe that you have 7 reviews in last 3 days. Not bad. May be you started this thread with an expectation to receive the order volume as before - in which case, you may just have to wait, it’ll pick up.

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