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Order Limit should Limit Orders

So, as of right now, the Order Limit only removes your gig from the search page, while still keeping your page live and accessible from any link, including your own advertising campaigns, Google, bookmarks, word of mouth, etc.

So, even if you have set yourself an Order Limit for mental health, anyone with the link can still place an order. Have a super successful advertising campaign and get hundreds of orders at once? Get to work, I guess. Put it another way: the more popular your gig is, and the more word-of-mouth it receives, the more likely you are to end up overbooked and overworked, regardless of your order limit.

I think Order Limits should do what they say on the package: limit orders. Keep the gig in the search bar so that people can bookmark/save them, but grey out the purchase buttons. I’d even be okay with allowing potential buyers to contact me while I’m overbooked to discuss a possible order, as long as they can’t randomly place orders themselves.


I have the same problem. I limited my queue to 2 orders, but someone has managed to place 5 orders.
I didn’t tick “Keep direct link active” so I thought my gig would be paused when it reached 2 orders.

I’ve contacted Fiverr support to see if I have to complete the extra orders.

In the mean time, I’ve just upped my prices to limit even more orders.


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My guess is they’ll ask you to do the extra orders if you can, or to ask the buyers if they’d be okay with an extended delivery time (after all, it’s bad for Fiverr, and us all, when buyers want to buy and do and pay and then are told, err, sorry, but nope) but if you can’t/won’t, they’ll probably cancel the orders for you without it harming your stats but please do update once you know, I’m curious to see how that will end.

Seeing that they might have to cancel so many orders when this “limit orders in queue” thing goes wrong and that buyers might be put off the platform altogether then, it really would be a good idea for them to either make the “limit orders in queue” function to act like common sense would assume, or to at least make it very clear via popup/tool tips or whatever, that it does not behave as one would assume.


I think this feature was actually pausing the gigs until last year july/august. Then it was only removing the gigs from search results, but keep the gigs actually receiving orders.

As by now the only way to actually pause (or stop receiving order) is to active the “Out of Office” mode.