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Order logo - money taken - order marked as delivered but no logos supplied!1


I ordered a logo which was promised 7 days after my order. I was then told that it was marked as delivered by seller. II contacted seller and was told to hang in there. I did and then find the order is marked as completed. I cannot cancel, I cannot access the seller. I am receiving no communications or my order.

I will have to rate this seller as low as I can as taking money and not supplying the order is bad and other buyers should be warned.


no just the $5 but was waiting and now cannot get in contact with her


Reply to @infinityplusone: I tried to search for the seller to try and sort the problem but this site does not really allow that. I just wanted what I ordered.


Reply to @charles_bacon54: Just a thought but see if she’s turned in other orders since (go to the reviews and see when they came in). I was in a car accident last fall and missed a lot of orders while I was in the hospital. She might be hurt or worse. IF she’s not then I would review her poorly, something like

"This seller does not understand the meaning of commitment and honest dealings. After agreeing upon the gig, and waiting 10 days past the due date without response, I realized she had no intention of holding up her end of the bargain. All attempts to contact her resulted in no response and for this reason I would tell other buyers to beware."


WOW, that sucks. Hope you didn’t spend more than $5.


Reply to @infinityplusone: Good idea, how do you get to reviews and how can I find that seller


Reply to @charles_bacon54: If you are unable to reach your Seller, contact Customer Support. Click on the Submit a Request on that page to open a ticket.


Thats bad… There are bad sellers and bad buyers… Happens… We can not influence human nature or situations in peoples lives


I would suggest contacting customer service. You can send screenshots of your order page to show that you never received a delivery. Sellers shouldn’t be marking orders as “delivered” without an actual delivery unless you agree to it first. With any luck, customer service may be able to cancel this order and give you a refund. The biggest complication I see is that you waited for more than the 3 days it takes for an order to be marked as complete after delivery. This might make it harder for customer service to give you a refund, but it’s worth asking.


Reply to @charles_bacon54: Go to this URL, it will show you a list of your orders


Reply to @charles_bacon54: I’m just saying that you might want to chance to see if she’s “active” because I’m sure you would feel bad if you found out that something happened to this person like it did with me and you escalated it over $5

Also finding out if she’s active can also give you more “fuel” for your review or conversation with Customer Support because if she’s filling other orders and blew you off that’s pretty unfriendly.


@Charles_bacon54 , it sounds like your seller got banned from the site for making scams. If you can rate him with 1 star, do that as well.

But most likely he is banned. Go to Customer Support and explain the situation, the will give you a refund asap.