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Order marked as completed automatically

all how are you guys?
I have a question that my 2 orders are automatically marked as completed and buyer not accepted the delivery will this affect my account,

even buyers were online when I delivered the order they came online even after 2 days of delivery but not accepted the order. please help

and also please guide me how to make my delivery accepted by buyer and buyer review it


You cannot make your buyer do this. Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Did your buyers cancel the orders or asked for revisions?

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no does not asked for revision and even not accepted the order and order get completed automaticaly

Did they cancel the orders?

I’m asking this for you don’t explain what you mean by “not accepted the orders”.

If they didn’t ask for revisions and they were not pleased with your services, they could have done one of 2 things:

  1. Canceled the order
  2. Left a very bad review

Given the fact that you only have 8 reviews and they’re not enough to absorb the bad ones, the best for you was your buyers cancelling, otherwise, you would have been caught in a lot of trouble.

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If the order got completed automatically in 3 days’ time after delivering it (either as promised to the buyer or as mentioned in your gig), it does not affect your account in anyway…

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I could be wrong… But I think he might be talking about the buyer “approving” (instead of “accepting”) the order after delivery of the said order. :slight_smile:

Because he goes on to say-

That would indicate that he is, in fact, talking about the order not being marked as complete by the buyer (and not about order cancellation). But only the OP can confirm this lol.


That’s the problem, he’s not explaining what happened with those orders and until he does, he’ll keep us guessing… :roll_eyes:

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Did you deliver a complete order as described in your gig?

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you are correct they have not confirmed the order

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If the buyer hasn’t asked for revision or cancelled it … than its okay… very often
buyers just take their product and go away… not bothering to look back or review…
bottom line…
If they are not cancelling … its OKAY