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Order marked as delivered on the first day

Hey there guys!
I am writing this in regards of an order that I had going. I am the buyer.

I wasnt ready to approve it yet and we were going back and forth with the developer however I didnt approve the delivery because there are some other things we need to fix. It was written that if I dont approve the delivery within 3 days it will be automatically approved. It has been only one day and it was approved. Why is that? I though it was 3 days and that is why I didnt approve it. The developer said he will finish what I wanted to change but I am not sure how we will go with it further because according to Fiverr the order is finished. The developer seems nice but I am worried that he might say “your order is completed so I wont do anything else on it”

How can I reopen the order? Do you have any other advice with how to proceed with it?

Thank you


Yes, that’s how it works…so you may have accidentally closed the order.

You’re worried he might say “your order is completed so I wont do anything else on it”, even though he did actually said “The developer said he will finish what I wanted to change”?

I don’t think you can reopen a complete order. If I were you I’d just take up on their word, if they say they will give you the revision(s) you’re entitled to, then follow this route.

If that change then you think about escalating it, but for now both parts should be able to sort that out.

Good luck

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I agree with this although the reported situation is weird.

If you are sure enough that you didn’t close the order you can contact customer support

Thanks for the tips. I guess I will trust the seller and give it a go.

Hey guys. Just posting what the support told me. I though it might be useful for some of you in the future:

"Upon reviewing your order, it appears that the delivery was sent on April 17th, please keep in mind that when your seller delivered the order you had 3 days to either accept or ask for revisions using the Visit the Resolution Center located in your Order Page. Since you did not use this option the system marked the order as completed on April 20th. After this period a 13 day grace period begins where the seller can still work on your order. When this time is up, the seller is able to withdraw their funds.

We, unfortunately, can not undo the order’s status. I checked and it appears that the seller is working with you which is great. If the seller appears to be unresponsive or refuses to continue working with the order during the grace period, please contact us as soon as possible."