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Order marked as late even though it's not

Hello! I sent an order yesterday, and the deadline was today, about an hour ago. Despite having sent it, it tells me the order is 1h and 6m late, and it keeps going. To be fair, the client hasn’t accepted it yet, so maybe that’s why, but I’m just wondering if it’s a bug and if it affects my stats as a seller.


Do you experience it from mobile device or from desktop and what browser?

I have experienced strange countdown information on mobile device with Chrome and Safari before but everything was alright on desktop.

These are different applications that may have different bugs.


Are you sure the client never requested any modifications?

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I’ve seen it on both desktop and mobile. The client didn’t request any modifications, it’s just that they weren’t online for a while to accept it. The bug is gone now since they accepted it, I was just wondering if it somehow affects my seller status if the client doesn’t accept my order before the deadline.

maybe the client have requested for revision which you need to address

As I already specified, they did not.

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It happened to me too, it doesn’t affect your Analytics.
Many of my customers only mark my orders as complete days after the deadline (sometimes they don’t even mark them as complete).
None of this will affect your rates, don’t worry.


Alright, thank you. I’m glad it doesn’t affect me.

No worries. I had the same doubt when I first started.
But fortunately it doesn’t affect our Analytics. The only thing that can affect our On-time delivery rate, is when we deliver late.