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Order marked as Late Order but its already deliver

I have delivered the order up to the mark and the status changed to delivered. When I check it’s not marked as completed by the client and Awaiting. I have a check after 2-3 hours it’s displays late delivery and the Delivery rank drop by 6%.

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I think it’s a bug don’t worry.

This can happen when a buyer request a revision just before the cut off time to mark the delivery as “accepted”. If that’s the case, you will see a revision request shortly.

There is no revision @csharpd

Did you deliver using the Delivery Box. If not, you have not told the computer you delivered.


I have seen a bug in Fiverr’s on time delivery rating calculation. But I have not seen this bug before. Try to deliver again. I wouldn’t spend time trying to convince CS on this kind of issues.

Dear friend,

I think you your client has rejected and marked for revision, therefore you need to contact your client or if possible then you can take the support of CS.

happy earning!