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Order marked as late when: a. You deliver on time but; b. The buyer accepts an offer you sent them

This is annoying, and I think Fiverr should fix it.

That’s all! Have a nice day :blush:

Edit: what I mean is this:

You send your buyer an extra offer but they don’t accept it straight away. In my case it was a request for a 24-hour extension of the delivery.

I ended up finishing the project on time and the buyer hadn’t responded to me yet, so I delivered the finished project. (Yes, I am sure I delivered it and not just uploaded.)

The buyer came online 48 hours later and accepted the offer, but because it only extended the order 24 hours, it was immediately marked as late.

This is a DUMB FEATURE. No need to re-open the order for another delivery just because the buyer accepted an extra offer. You should be able to toggle whether or not an extra re-opens the order.

But you know, this is just my opinion based on some annoying occasions I’ve experienced, so please don’t come at me, I love you bye have a great day xoxoxox


This happened to me as well, and all support told me that I should add more time to offer and that they can’t do anything about it, as it is normal. We are getting “late” orders even we are obviously not late

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Worst part not only with offers where we can set up specific time but with extras on the gig that buyers can add by themselves and order also will be automatically late

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They can easily fix with adding button to resolution center where seller can reject or accept additional offers (after order has started)


The most annoying thing is that this oversight existed ever since the new resolution center was introduced and it still isn’t fixed.

They’ve told me to send separate custom offers for extras but ever since the service fee for buyers got increased, people are far less open to placing multiple smaller orders if everything can be (and should be) covered by a single order for the project.


I would like to send offers for extras too throughout the course of the order but don’t do it for this reason.

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If you do this then your buyer will say “Why have you added 6 days to the order?” and then you have to go on this meandering, nonsense explanation about how Fiverr will automatically re-open the order upon accepting in which case if the order has already been delivered it will be marked as late counting against me unless I send another offer to extend the delivery.

All of which the buyer doesn’t really care about.

I have an idea Fiverr - how about instead of asking us to use round-about ways to surpass silly bugs/rules on your website, you just… fix your dang website?


I’m sure my buyers would be interested in further offers as I complete the delivery of their order and would love to have the ability to send offers for extras as their order completes.