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Order marked as LATE while it shouldn't


I made a video for my client, I had to finish it in one day and so I did. A few days later, he wanted to add an extra, so I added an extra with 1 day extra time. But the counter instantly said ##LATE## and Fiverr told me that my order was “RIDICULOUSLY LATE” and if I didn’t finish in 24 hours the order would get cancelled.
Luckily, I was able to deliver it in those 24 hours and the client was very nice, so he understood, but I think the ##LATE## counter is flawed
I would also like to rant about revisions, but there’s already a thread:


Same problem here, and I don’t know why. Sometimes it pissed me :S cause I guess the buyer can cancel the order.

Is somebody else having the same problem?


Yes it happens and I have recently asked customer support and they said that is how it happens which means they know about it and that is how it is supposed to work.

When I get that I re deliver whatever I can immediately but still it should not happen and they need to fix that.


I currently have an order marked as late and stressing me out, as the client waited until right before the 3 day auto completion to request a revision (that wasn’t a revision, it was a total change of the order that wasn’t my fault - a spec change on his end). I gave him some options of how to deal with his problem, which he is checking with his client about, but right now I have an order sitting in my queue saying 5 days late, when it was actually delivered 1 day early.


I would redeliver anything just to get that big red LATE off of there. Explain that to the client,that you had to do that and why.


I have a later order now too… I delivered it 4 days early and you guessed it. I’m going to redeliver tomorrow. I don’t think it impacts me other than having the LATE thing. The buyer is already aware that I will be delivering tomorrow so nbd.


Yep. That delivery counter is insanely flawed. I have delivered an order early too. And the client requested modifications (on the day when it was about to be auto-completed) and I must have been away from my comp for about 2 hours. I logged back in and saw that the counter said ##LATE## … I didn’t freak out since the client didn’t have any particular time frame for the delivery and I knew he wouldn’t want to cancel it since everything was going well.
As far as I know, the first delivery of the gig has to be on time. But modifications can be late if necessary. Of course do talk to the client about that and have it decided because if the client cancels the order, you will have a late delivery mark and a bad rating.


The client can’t cancel after the order has been marked as complete once. If they request modification, you can let it be late for years if you want.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.


i always deliver on time but my delivery rate suddenly go down @@. Sometimes i can’t understand how it works


I delivered an artwork 3 days early and got marked as late… That is really annoying when we’re doing nothing wrong. Even the client likes the artwork and no revision at all… Fiverr really need to fix it… :frowning: