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Order marked complete, posted review, took his files and CANCELLED THE ORDER!


This is absolutely STUNNING what happened to me today.

I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody. I was having a tough time with a buyer. I was offering a service, he was happy with the outcome so i delivered the updated site and he was happy and marked the order complete and posted his review. I also had two other orders from this buyer, which i wanted to cancel. but then somehow he not only cancelled those OPEN ORDERS, but also cancelled the COMPLETED order!!!

he took my worked files and also his MONEY. I worked for him FOR FREE!!

Can’t believe this happened to me. I can’t find either the feed which showed his review posted.

VERY DISSAPOINTED. I think Fiverr is turning out to be more buyer friendly :frowning:


Had this happen to a $60 order before… Pretty crazy but life goes on!


You can consider filing a DMCA complaint with their ISP.

ALL copywriteable works are covered under the Act, including graphical works, code, etc.

In fact, here’s a question from a popular FAQ about the Act:

Does the DMCA cover design as well as content? The DMCA covers copyrightable works, period.

Copyright resides with the owner at the moment of creation. If they paid you, then revoked their funds, no silver has crossed your palm so to speak, and the copyright reverts to you.

Go straight to this company’s ISP (which you can find with a Whois search), and find out what their procedure for filing DMCA complaints is, and do so.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to notify Google as well so they can de-index the site, and anyone else that you can think of.


Reply to @brandontvedt: Good advice! I wish I knew more about navigating issues like that and knowing what is/is not legal and inclusive in legislation. That’s helpful knowledge. :slight_smile:


thanks everyone for your comments. But honestly, I think Fiverr has no chance but to do this, when the buyer goes and opens a dispute in paypal!!

But if this goes on the same way, EVERY buyer will nicely get the coolest things from us, use us(where we all put in our hard work and craftsmanship) and then run away with his money…

Its a feeling of INSECURITY of unbelievable proportions…


Reply to @profitgroup:

I think you must have misunderstood me, profitgroup.

The process I described for you is a legal way to make sure that they -WILL NOT- get to use your work.

What they are doing is illegal, and no different than theft.

You report them to their ISP, and because copyright/intellectual property theft issues are -extremely common-, they will likely already have a DMCA complaint process in place.

You complain to their ISP and to Google, and they will not let these people use your work.

You won’t be paid, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that are not using your work for free.

Additionally, if you report them to Google, and they end up de-indexing them, that can be a very expensive, painful process to recover from.

Go Google ‘How to file a DMCA takedown notice’ if you need more information :slight_smile:


Reply to @brandontvedt:

NO! I understood your instructions… I actually liked them…

but i just wanted to point out that we can’t keep doing this all the time… right?

I’ll do this for the current buyer however.


Reply to @profitgroup:

Ideally, you only end up having to do this very, very rarely.

Most buyers, just like most sellers, are just decent people looking to get work done.

I’ve been freelancing a very long time (15+ years), have dealt with a lot of customers (probably ~7-10k total), and have had to do this MAYBE ~10-15 times over the entire course of my career. And I’m a pretty cranky character.

Usually, scammers who pull moves like this don’t last long, because they will eventually run afoul of some payment company like PayPal or a Credit Card Company, etc., and they will get into some real hot water/legal trouble.

For example, the guy who did this to you is currently burning his bridges with:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Perhaps PayPal depending on what other BS he pulls
  3. His ISP
  4. Google

    That’s some real damage. Idiots eventually do themselves in, as the Darwin Awards seem to so beautifully prove each year.

    So it sucks, but it’s part of the cost of doing business, and something that you should not encounter more than perhaps once a year at the outside.


Reply to @brandontvedt:

Superb advice! I hope it covers also custom SEO Strategies.

Many Thanks!!


Thanks for the tip mate. yes I’ve been freelancing for the past 4 years too.

yes we won’t be facing this most of the times.

but What i mean is, Fiverr should do something to stop this. Honestly, I can’t imagine how fiverr refunds the money when the buyer raises a dispute…

A dispute should be solved after consulting both the parties and it should be solved rightly… not just like “FALL BACK” or stuff like that and refunding…

Do you think I’m right?


Thats sounds exactly the thing that happened to me , i think maybe could be the same user that is doing this kind of things :frowning:


Hmmm, That can be a case :frowning:

But I don’t’ think Someone can persevere so much to scam [-(


Just don’t tell Fiverr Customer Support you are going to send a DMCA. They got annoyed with me for contactnig somebody outside of the site!


Reply to @ryangillam:

Don’t think you don’t have to contact the customer whatsoever; I don’t. Just use Copyscape Premium to locate the content, then deal exclusively with ISPs, who already have mechanisms in place for this. Same thing but with Google Image search for folks who create graphics, etc. Fast, easy, anonymous.

CS getting upset over that would be like them getting upset that you ‘contacted’ Microsoft to get your copy of Office or something :wink:

Most people pay GoDaddy or whoever they host with to act as domain registrar to hide their info from WHOIS anyway. I can’t think of a single instance in which I have had to pursue this remedy that has even brought me remotely close to violating ToS.


I’ve not taken any action regarding this issue. I’ve let it go its way.

just don’t want to waste my time on this. Its better to concentrate on future orders.

ryangillam said: They got annoyed with me for contactnig somebody outside of the site!
It's a shame that Fiverr is so concerned with potential 'bad press' from buyers - "I paid for xxxxx and they had it removed!", but they don't care at all about negativity from sellers.

It's quite simply that there are always folks willing to take a chance to earn some money, but not so many willing to risk losing any. It's incredibly frustrating, but that's just how this place works.

brandonvedt is correct. Once payment has been made to you or the order has been cancelled, the issue is between you and the person who purchased or stole your work. CS has nothing to do with it at that point. And yes, by using this place you do agree to the ToS that you will 'work with the buyer' or Fiverr to resolve any issues - and I'm personally all about abiding by the rules - but there is no way anyone can be held strictly accountable to 'rules' that are intentionally ambiguous and randomly enforced.


There are a few things here:

  1. Fiverr should not deduct money from sellers, instead file claim with paypal.
  2. Seller is not the direct dealing with paypal, and if fiverr lost money to paypal, they should challenge them and buyer, not seller.
  3. Seller has no hearing with paypal as he is not the direct dealing with paypal. Seller stands no chance to even claim a reconsideration.

    How do you all think?



Digital goods, when delivered, are not disputable with Paypal. Paypal will stand behind a seller of digital goods if they were received. This is a fiverr issue if they are doing that.


Reply to @christari: How can a seller prove that a buyer received the goods?


Well where most of this is digital, the files should be in the chat records - especially in cases like a lot of people are complaining about where the customer actually accepted the goods and left a good review (not auto generated). If Fiverr can see all the chat logs (as you will see the threat if you type the word “email” into a communication), then there should be a record of a transferred file, I would think.

I know investigating this takes time, but Fiverr needs to actually back their sellers or what’s going to happen is word will spread about how you can get work for free on Fiverr and then they will have a real problem on their hands.