Order marked delivered in 3 days, should I be worried?


Hi all,

I’m new to fiverr and recently got my first order-Yay!

It was due in 3 days and I delivered in two and a few hours, however, I saw the fiverr message ‘this order will be marked delivered in 3 days’ and got worried.

Kindly explain to me what this means.


I think you mean it said it will be marked complete in 3 days?

It is perfectly normal. It takes 3 days after you deliver it when it is marked as complete. This is how they do it.



if the buyer not responded within 3 Days … it will be automatically marked as completed.

There is nothing to be worried… But if you allowed any number of Revisions you can send a message to the buyer that the order is automatically marked as completed due to you have not responded for 3 days and if you need any revisions please inbox me and if you satisfied with the delivery please leave a Good review!.. and thank them… this is my way


Yes. Thank you. I thought it would mean my order would be delivered in 6 days. :see_no_evil:


Thank you for the tip! I’ll do just that-in the event I don’t hear from them


You don’t need to send them a message in 3 days. That’s not correct.
It’s not a good idea to do that. Once you deliver leave them alone.


I assume he means as follow up?


I don’t know what he means but don’t message them after delivery.

And never ask for a good review.

You can ask for a review when you deliver the order but not a “good” review.


What i mean is … once the order is automatically marked as completed the buyer can not ask for modifications through the order but he can make review.

as you know all the buyers are not well known and there is some new buyers… if they not satisfied with what we delivered and they needed any modifications to full fill thre requirement now they have no options and sometimes they will leave a bad or poor review or some times they will not review any thing

if we sent a message as i mentioned above there is a option for them to full fill there requirement and what is the benefit for us is… we can keep the customer for the continues business and also we can have a good review.


It means that if the buyer does not respond to your delivery themselves, Fiverr will automatically mark it as complete in 3 days and the buyer will not be able to request any revisions then althought providing support is your choice after completion as well.

A good way to ask for a review is, “Please leave a review if possible and let me know if you have any other concern.” Comes off as polite and not demanding as well.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Yes Sudais, i am agree with you


Hi misscrystal, why should never ask for a good review, can you please explain?

Thank you