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Order marked late after request revision

I have noticed a weird flaw. Maybe its a flaw- I dont know though.
Few days ago, I delivered a order on time and then buyer requested revision and since the Delivery Time got expired, it showed me LATE DELIVERY!
Why Am I marked Late when my first delivery was on time? What are the rules with Revision Expiry Time?
Thats so Unfair!

Hi @iammrinal,

Please don’t worry for the “Late Delivery” notice if your delivery was on time. It won’t affect your stats.

I was kept 28 days awaiting instructions from my buyer who decided to push the revision button, only to know she didn’t need any and had forgotten to tell me so. :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No, it’s not.

if you deliver it again, after the revision, you will not get your status affected. So don’t worry

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