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Order Marked Late Even After First Milestone Delivered and Accepted

Hello! This is only my second milestone gig, and the first one was a while ago, so this could be normal, but wanted to check. My first milestone for a two milestone order, was completed and delivered on time. It was also accepted by the buyer within twenty-four hours. The money was released to me and I was given notification that the next milestone has started. However, the order timer has run down to zero and it prompts me to deliver on time, even though there is 21 days remaining on the clock. Should I be contacting customer service about this? Each milestone was set for 21 days. I’m wondering if there was a glitch somehow and the system thought both expired after 21 days. Has anyone ever had experience with this? Thank you!


Did you make the Delivery within the official Delivery area or simply send a link in Chat?


Hi! I made an official delivery and the money was released. I was just looking at it again and it says the next milestone (number 2) should have been delivered yesterday, but that is when number one was due. Either there was a glitch or I somehow mistakenly did it when setting it up. (I’m sure it was probably me.) Both milestones were supposed to be 21 days each. I will send a message to the buyer explaining along with an extension request. Thank you for your response!

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best of luck and carry on for next

I have done it wrong first time (or more) on just about every Fiverr transaction. Their systems are not exactly clear & easy when one is stressed about the job.


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best of luck bro,

Are you calling me “bro” or the OP who is a lady?

Either way, not a good thing in business to call people Dear, Sir, Mate, Dude, Bro etc. Either use a name to be clear or nothing as many of these additions feel more creepy/invasive/condescending/offensive than you think when you don’t already have a decent relationship with the person.


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Thank you all for your kind assistance. Hopefully, I do better next time. In approximately 180 orders, I’ve only used this milestone feature a couple of times. Best of luck and good fortune to all of you!

NOTICE: If you’re having the same problem, I suggest you to please contact customer support with your own screenshots with the following subject and a link to this forum post. If they see many sellers reporting the same problem, they may finally acknowledge it and fix it.

Time shows late for first milestone, though second milestone has started.


I’m wondering about this too. I’m sure my milestones were setup correctly. I delivered the first milestone 1 minute before the timer would end. (Yes, using official Delivery.) Then I refreshed the page (because in regular orders, the timer keeps running even after delivery but goes away when you refresh the page).

To my horror, the timer is still counting the last seconds! 43, 42, 41, … … 3, 2, 1 … then I see this!


As the buyer was online, he approved the first milestone and started (paid for) the second one. Now the timeline says 1st milestone approved, and 2nd milestone started. But the timer still the same as above!

Have you (anyone here) reported this problem to the customer service? What was their reply? I’m going to do that.

UPDATE: Customer Support is refusing to acknowledge the problem saying (emphasis mine):

“I have carefully reviewed your order #FOxxx and I didn’t notice any late delivery or milestone. It looks perfect to me. The order status is in progress right now.”

I’m still trying to get their attention by keeping the issue unsolved (because they closed it as solved and I had to reopen it). What’s frustrating is, the person Nate didn’t even make any mention of even one of the several screenshots I had been sending, with annotations showing exactly what the problem is, like this:

PS: I’m also wondering because my second milestone is less than $40, whether the buyer will have to pay $2 extra for the transaction. I also have a third milestone under $40, so does the buyer pay another $2 extra for that? In total does the buyer pay $4 extra even though the total order value is more than $40?

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