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Order marked late - when it was delivered on time

I had a buyer not happy with what I’d delivered, he requested a modification so I did a total of 9 different versions. That was delivered and then he never approved them but just sent me a message saying they weren’t what he wanted. He said he would be happy to pay me 40-50% of the total gig price but not the full price.

I didn’t think Fiverr worked that way so the only two real options were to accept it outright - or do a full refund by cancelling the gig. I didn’t hear back from him so I tried to do the right thing and cancel the gig and refund him the full amount. Now this order is marked “LATE” even though it was delivered (even with a modification) before the actual due date.

And now the buyer still hasn’t responded even to the cancel request…

So in this situation, it feels like I’m being penalized by a late delivery mark on my profile. I have a 5 star rating and haven’t been late ever before on a delivery. So maybe I shouldn’t be bothered by this but it feels like the system needs tweaking. And if the buyer can’t even respond to get a refund issued by me… then why penalized the seller? I love Fiverr for the most part but some of their systems and workflow need tweaking.

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Is the order labeled late, or does the countdown say late? If it is marked late then that may be a problem that CS needs to handle.

The countdown says it’s late - and when I view the order on my dashboard it’s listed as late as well. The buyer only has two more hours to either accept or reject the resolution (i.e. full refund) then the order is automatically canceled.

I’m fine giving him a full refund - I just want to have my buyer profile be as accurate as possible.

Refunds and cancellation will decrease your delivery ratings.

Understood but if the buyer just doesn’t respond at all… aside from saying their not happy - what options do I really have? It doesn’t feel right to collect the money when they’re not happy with the product but they also have an obligation as a buyer to also have good communication.

And this is one order out of 406 completed order with 5 star ratings and on time deliveries. I don’t like having to cancel anything but I want to do the right thing. After all, you can’t please everyone.

I just want to warn that cancelling a single order might cause you loose your 2nd level ranking on 15th of this month and it will remain like that till 15th of next month. This loss of ranking will affect your sales.

I think that you should deliver the order and let the client decide if he wants to accept or reject, he/she is available or not on their end is not your issue.

I see your point. I’ve withdrawn the dispute and the order is marked delivered. We’ll see what he does and if he ever responds. Thanks for the input!

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And it was literally only about a minute left to go for him to respond to the dispute request - so I’ve given this buyer as much time as I could. I wish he was better at responding but as you said - it’s not my issue. I’m doing all I can from my end.

Exactly :slight_smile: