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Order milestone system

Is Fiverr getting into a milestone system for orders? What are the pros and cons could be? Let’s discuss about this! :face_with_monocle:

Fiverr’s official order milestone introductory video,


I have this feature for a year or so. Never used it, though, because I don’t have a lot of $100+ projects and when I do, I can’t think of a way to divide them into milestones.

I’d technically could use it when someone orders the same design in multiple sizes/formats to approve the main design first and then resize/reformat it. Because now I have to deliver all the formats at once and if there are revisions, I have to edit 3-5 files instead of 1 which is incredibly annoying. But again, that’s if I had a lot of $100+ projects.


What?? :roll_eyes: I got it first time on today. Day before yesterday i made a custom offer, Even that day this feature was not there for me. I think they release these features country wise. [Edit : or gig category wise] But i can’t believe it took about 1 year to reach. Any explanation?

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There is a bunch of features people are discussing that I’ve never seen or got myself. They test something out and if it performs well, they roll it out for a wider audience, I suppose.

I have had milestones for over a year.

I tried it once and I did not like it because all of your funds for each step are tied up until the end of the poroject.

I would rather break a large order into smaller parts and deliver each step and get paid for each step as it is delivered.:wink:


I don’t think that’s the case. I think they had previously released this feature to only a few gig categories. They seem to be introducing it to more gig categories now. I have had that feature right from the very beginning — when I created my account.

Although I do work on some $100+ orders, I have never used that feature yet (for reasons already mentioned by @vickiespencer).


Yeah, That should be the reason. :slight_smile:

I would like to hear from sellers who have used this.

It seems to me they are asking buyers to place multiple orders, one after the next. They might be the same project but the buyer will be making a decision to continue time after time, leaving open more of a chance to not continue with the project. I say get payment all at one time.

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing.

And of course they may want that first payment refunded if they decide not to continue. I don’t know if this will be the case though. Maybe they will be thrilled to make payments in stages.

It’s like asking halfway through a project: “Do you want to pay for the other half?” This works for remodeling projects although some workers are not reliable and disappear after they get a payment without completing the project.

So it can work the other way too with an unreliable seller disappearing after the first payment. But it’s worth a try.


Ofcourse yes… I experienced most of freelancing platforms offer this milestone feature. But i never get used to it. That’s why i loved fiverr. Cause everything is simple when it comes to one order, one payment, one delivery concept.

Yeah, this can be happened. But there’s a buyer’s responsibility as well to have a stable version of the project (even if it is a half work) so they can continue with another seller if they get into such problem.


I haven’t used it yet because it’s only recently been made available to me and due to the minimum price.

But these are what I think could be changed:

  • The minimum price could be reduced from $100, maybe to around $50.
  • I agree with @vickiespencer that the amount shouldn’t have to wait until all milestones are complete (or the user decides not to proceed with the next milestone).
  • Maybe there could be a milestone description (eg. a few lines of text) instead of just the milestone names, so the buyer would know what would be in each milestone - though that might change as the order progresses and the buyer decides they want different things. You could put more text in an offer for separate orders (though I’m not sure whether Fiverr would always be okay with splitting what could be 1 order into multiple orders).
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Why reduce it to only $50? Don’t you want to get that money all in one payment before you do the job? Even $100 seems paltry. Most people can or will pay at least $100.

It is not to the seller’s advantage to use this feature. It is going to lead to pitfalls when the payments are not made and the buyer instead tries to get the first payment refunded when they have buyer’s remorse.

Why shouldn’t a buyer pay it all in advance unless it is a very big project that will be done over a couple of weeks? People don’t have a problem paying $400 or more all at one time if the seller has a good reputation.

We are talking about reducing one big order into multiple small orders which really doesn’t make sense at all to me. What’s the point?

Thanks for the information

I have used the Milestones order system a few times for high-price orders. Mostly, I suggested it when the buyer seemed reticent about paying a few hundred dollars without seeing my work first. I suppose they felt more comfortable only getting 1/2 or 1/3 of the way into a project and then having right of refusal for the rest. If they do that, it doesn’t mean a cancellation for me, either, I believe.

From my side, it is nice, I suppose, to know that they accept my work before I write 5,000 more words and then have them complain about it at the end (Though this doesn’t really happen. I still get a bit nervous sometimes!) I’d love for the payments to clear as the parts complete, but it all works out in the end.


Yeah. Fiverr added it recently.
And thank you for adding some extra information

Maybe $50 was a too low suggestion (I said around that). Reducing it from $100 would reduce the risk for both the sellers and the buyers. $90 or $80 would be quite a lot to lose for a buyer or seller. It would depend on the project’s complexity/how time consuming it was though.

It would also give the buyer more choices and if properly done (eg. if it was changed to have descriptions etc) and the buyer knew as much as needed about what would be in each it may be better for both buyers and sellers I think.

Hi! Is there an option to edit milestones. Once an order is in process. E.g. my clients has requested me to extend delivery time but I cannot see an option. Thanks in advance.

To my knowledge no order can be modified except thought the resolution center at the top of the order page.

Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be anything on ‘extensions’ in this:

I’m not sure if there’s a definitive answer to your question, not without reaching out to Fiverr CS, and right now they’re taking upwards of 10 days to reply to tickets.