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Order modifications Price

Hi there hope everyone is doing okay I need help with My order
Attaching the screenshots please let me know how to modify the order price without cancelling it

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As the buyer has already accepted an offer and you are in the order stage, I can’t see a way of doing it unless you cancelled the order and made a new offer.

You could try contacting CS, they could possibly review the chat and see a mutual agreement to change the price. Although I’m not sure if they would change it or not.


If I cancel the Order then it will affect the order completion rate which is already low and I have already contacted the Customer Support about it and they are saying they’ll get back to me after few days and I have only 24 hours left

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Why can’t you accept the buyer’s offer of extending the order / delivery time?

What isn’t clear from your screenshot is what has gone wrong with the order, so the all-important context is missing.

But your buyer seems quite reasonable.

Surely it’s better to extend the delivery time, and finish the agreed job?

Introducing customer support could have unwanted consequences.

While I have always found CS to be helpful, there are reported cases on these forums of CS cancelling orders - leading to loss of revenue, account warnings, and a drop in stats.


Best way is to extend delivery time, there is no way you can cut your order in half, CS wont help either…
they’ll suggest similar thing of cancelling current order and place two different order.

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You can’t cut the price of the order, the only best way is to extend the delivery time of the order as the buyer is saying in the screenshot.


Actually thing is that I had two Tasks once the First one was Completed buyer Asked me to stop working after 1 Task was completed already so We agreed that buyer will pay me half of the amount for which I’ve had done the work now he is asking me to extend so that he can provide me more work for the other half payment but I’m not too sure to wait for him coz I’ve already extended the time 1 time and buyer doesn’t respond well

But he suggested two things one is half payment and the other is extend the Time and we both agreed on half payment

You can’t drop the price after an order is placed. It can’t be done. You have two options - extend delivery or cancel.

Ah, as I said. The all important context was missing form from your original post.

The problem you’ve got is that you’ve agreed to something that isn’t possible.

You can’t just agree that your buyer pays half of the original fee as that’s not what the original contract stipulated.

Either you deliver the order as agreed to start with, cancel the order (you will lose the revenue and your stats will take a hit)…

… or you’ll have to involve customer support - then you open yourself up to their interpretation of the case.

Good luck.

If your buyer isn’t ready he isn’t ready. Nothing you can do to change that and you can’t force him to be ready faster.