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Order modifications


Good afternoon, I am a new seller to Fiverr and just received an order for transcription. The buyer inadvertently purchased numerous extras and uploaded a file that I could not open. We mutually decided to cancel the order and they will order again. Is there a way to delete the extras that were ordered? Was that the right thing to do and will cancelling the order affect my analytics? Just wondering if there is another way to get around this. Thanks!



If the file is the only problem than ask your buyer to send it again instead of cancelling the order extend the delivery time. Cancelling order will surely effect your order completed rate


There is no other way to fix it. you need to cancel the order mutually. Yes, it have a impact on your seller reputation or fiverr ranking process.


Why not first try to fix the file before cancelling? If the buyer can open the file, say for example, a huge .mp3 file but you cannot open the same file, it’s possible that the file is corrupt during transmission over the internet, if that’s the case, you may ask the seller to send the file via dropbox or wetransfer, etc… But if the file is in a format you cannot open on your computer or on your phone, then you may try converting it into another file format. Just a few suggestion. But if you cancel it, it’ll affect your seller reputation… :wink:


Sorry for the late reply all, and thanks for the tips. I did have to cancel the order, it was done mutually though and they did re-order in a couple of days. So all is well. Thanks again!