Order more than 1


Hi, i just got promoted to level 1. Yippieh!

I added some extra gigs now and it worked fine.

But i can’t find where and how to tell add the “More than one order” feature to the gig.

Please help:-)

Thank you Maureen


Not 100% sure but I think it can be done by the buyer without you needing to change anything.

Only say this because I had someone order more than one from me the other day and I hadn’t modified anything :slight_smile:


@mmsolutionsltd yess… @rossonomous is right.


Thank a lot, you were right, nothing to do on my own, i was just confused because i was logged in , and i can’t see the multiple order feature on my own gigs. stupid me:-)

Warm regards



The order more than one feature is automatically added and needs no intervention on your part