Order More than One - Multiple GIGs Duration Issue



Its kind of a Question i have due to recent event happen on my GIG.

Basically my GIG is Creating a Graphic Design in 2 Days. I can easily create in 2 days and sent to buyers. No problem in that.

Now if someone order 8 order on the GIG (more than one order option) and sent me information for creating 8 different designs. Obviously he is paying 8 x$5 = 40 ( no problem as revenue wise)

But the problem is, as per Fiverr i still have to deliver in 2 days. Should this not be in 16 days? 8 orders x 2 Days.

anyone else having same issue? How you have deliver such orders?


Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not been thinking that way. Thanks for clearing my Mind.

Appreciated your quick Response!