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Order not accepted by Buyer for unmentioned reasons


I’d like to receive some feedback on how to proceed when a buyer doesn’t accept the order and is expenting a review under reasons that were not mentioned during the communication prior to the order place. Being more clear, the Buyer is now asking for specifications, that were not agreed upon before the order was placed.

Thank you!

Tell him in a nice way that the order was completed in the way you both agreed to.
What exactly is he asking for that was not agreed upon?
It is hard to give advice without the details. We can’t tell if what he is asking for is reasonable, or unreasonable.

I’ll suggest you both discuss and come to a reasonable conclusion which will benefit both of you. Maybe the buyer will have to order your gig extra so you can get the modification he requested for done, since you stated you both did not agree on what he’s requesting for. Talk to the buyer and work things out.