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Order not automatically marked complete even after 7 days

I have delivered an order multiple times… it doesn’t gets completed in 3 days… once i even waited for 7 days and nothing happend. The buyer comes and requests a revision… even after 10 days… its been going on for over than an year…

there is one of two thing:

fiverr has some really buggy platform or it willfully supports the bad buuyers and protects them… even customer support is not helping me out with this case…


How many revisions you gave to the buyer ?


it was 5 or 7 i guess… but thats not the case… they are even not marking it automatically completed… even when its delivered for more than 3 days…

no…in the gig offer …how many revisions you offer ?

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i guess it was not specified at that time…

You seem to be experiencing the same thing described in this thread:


so whats the solution? as i don’t want to go my efforts and time that i spent on this in vain…

It doesn’t seem to have a solution after it reaches this point - besides, of course, the buyer accepting and marking the order as complete :point_down:t3:

Edit: I wouldn’t ask the buyer to “complete the order for you” though, as Customer Support suggested. Since that can be seen as some sort of manipulation.

what a messed up customer support is this… if a seller offers fake delivery he gets warned and order cancelled… if a buyer is abusing revision button; customer support be like we can not do anything about it…

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The order will auto completed after 3 days from your latest delivery.

I delivered an order in my fiverr account and today is the 4th day that i deliver the order,the order hasn’t mark automatically and today is day 4

can someone tell me issue?

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same problem on my account