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Order not come after payment

hello sir yesterday i have purchase 2 order`s of hitleap by mistake i have send some cent more then actual amount 10.50$ so order is not confirm here is the proof now my seller not give me order what i do

I am having trouble understanding. The user you referred to is not even a seller. Usually you can not name names on the forum but since your post isn’t accusatory it can stay.

Your screen cap is also too limited. I can’t tell what site it was taken from. It does say “unconfirmed” so that sounds like the payment failed. Did you try to pay the person on Fiverr or did you send them payment outside of Fiverr?

i have pay the person on fiverr in BTC account but by mistake i send some cents more to the order payment but i did not get any order and the payment was send from my account to fiverr account…