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Order not delivered and negative rating

Hello, I have few questions… One day ago, buyer has submitted information for order and the clock started… But, I wasn’t at home that day and I couldn’t deliver it on time and that happened just once in my life… And now, buyer has cancelled the order and left negative rating on my gig… Is that even possible? To rate it if he didn’t get his files? I had 100% positive rating on my profile until today morning when I woke up and saw that… Is there any way to contact the buyer? When I go to order page, it just says “Order cancelled” and I can’t do anything… Also, he didn’t contact me through messages before ordering, I’ve sent the request and he just ordered it without any questions… I really want to propose him to delete that negative review because I really don’t want to have lower rating just because I failed to deliver it on time :confused:

wspbeast said: just because I failed to deliver it on time

Hi there, as a seller and a buyer, not being able to deliver on time is actually a HUGE thing,
and I'm sure others feel the same way too.
In fact I'm a bit surprised that you said that. If it was something like "just because I made one
little spelling mistake out of a 2000 word essay" or "just because the buyer asked for an image
size of 12 inches and what I sent was 11.5 inches," I get it.
I think you should extend your delivery time and also keep in mind that delivering things on time
is veeeeeeeeery important.

Thanks, but what can I do now? I really don’t want to have that negative review just because I failed to deliver it on time :confused:

hmmm contact customer support they will help you…

It was removed about a month ago, I just replied to a comment :smiley:

Thanks, but I think you misunderstood… I wanted to say that I don’t want to have lower rating because of the “stupid” thing which I was actually able to do… I’m not saying “ah, whatever”, I’m just saying that I made a mistake which I could have avoid :slight_smile: