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Order not delivered and seller is gone? What now?

I have been ordering for a while now, never had any issues. Just ordered something, job was marked complete and I was prompted to leave a review. However he did not deliver the work. I sent him a message. No response. Tried again, this time it is telling me he is marked private and cannot receive messages. I went to his profile, it says he is gone.

So I got to the resolutions tab and it says, this order was marked complete, try contacting the seller. There doesn’t seem to be any place to tell fiverr that you did not get the order and to report the issue? I have never had issues before but I always assumed that when your order there is a way to actually say YES or NO? That leaving a review was a way of saying YES and if you didn’t get the order you could report it.

Otherwise we just trust the seller that he delivered the order and he gets his money and that is it? It seems like once the order is complete there is no way to report otherwise?

Since he is no longer on here, what now? I realize its only like $10 or whatever but its more the issue of someone scamming the system

It’s really sad to hear this. I think Sellers should be more helpful to buyers. Sometimes his gig has stopped. Any way if FIVERR can take a rule regarding this issue we can stop this bad thing in future.!!!

I think FIVERR will think about this…

Dani808, see if you can find some resolution here: