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Order Not Going Through?

I put in a request for a translator. A number of people responded and I placed an order with someone who responded to the posting. The Fiverr website returned a confirmation screen saying “We’re working on it. We’ll email you when you’re order is ready.”

I waited several days and never got an email. Nor did I see an active order placed in my Fiverr dashboard. I placed the order again this morning and still don’t see anything.

I’m not sure if Fiverr is just backed up on processing orders, or if the person I’m trying to hire is not responding. Does anyone have insight into this problem?

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What method did you use to pay for your purchase? I would suggest you try contacting Customer Support about this.

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OK, so I thought I’d update my credit card settings. I went into the dashboard and removed the old credit card. However, I can’t find a way to add back a new credit card. Google searching for an answer pulls up a page but the instructions don’t match what I’m seeing on the web site.

A really poor customer experience. I use upwork for other projects and if I can’t get Fiverr to work by end of day, I’ll just go to Upwork.