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Order not processed

I received emails from your company about my order. I tried to place my order 3-4 times but your web site would not connect to the next page. You did, however, accept my payment. I will not make payment. I wrote several emails and you did not follow up—except to ask me to complete my order. You didn’t follow through. Since you were able to follow through in taking payment but not follow through in completing my order I consider this a theft, and your company incompetent at best and a scam at worst. I will report this to every outlet that I know of.

this is not an infrequent occurrence

Alright. Cool.

Why not go to to this page:

And see if the orders that you placed are here.

Sorry you are upset, but it sounds like there may be some simple misunderstanding. The forum doesn’t have Fiverr staff on it, so writing here to “your company” is mainly reaching other sellers and buyers.

@ryangiliam gave you good advice. From what you said in your first post, it sounds like you may have placed an order and submitted payment information, but didn’t complete the second step to fill in the seller requirements. The seller might be trying to delivery or order but it’s impossible if you don’t complete the entire process. I’m not sure that is the problem, but that’s my best guess.