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Order not resolving

Hello there, recently I have a created custom offer for my client and he accepted the order and Fiverr deducted payment from him for the order but still, on my side, it’s not showing that the offer is accepted and the order is not started yet. Does anybody know what’s the reason?


Do you have Requirements that the buyer has to fill out before the order can start?


open help center then click on seller then open order management and then click order communication
after that read Using the Resolution Center.

Yes I have requirements enabled but in this case it’s not even showing me that offer is accepted on my side it’s showing offer still not accepted, once it will show accepted then it will ask for requirements to client.

Thanks @ayushshukla102

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First, you say the above. Then you say:

So, did the buyer accept the offer?

Until they do, there is not much you can do. No need to work on an order that does not exist at the moment.


Sorry I wasn’t able to explain clearly. yes I said that he told me he accepted offer and fiverr deduced payment from his PayPal and also he send me the screenshot of that but on my end it’s not showing that it’s accepted nor order started yet.
Thanks for your response.

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