Order not showing all the information


Hi. I recently got my first gig. It has to do with a website and writing content for it. However… It shows my response to their initial buyer request, but not their original buyer request.

You see, their buyer request had their website and kinda what they wanted.

When they signed up for my gig, I asked a few questions and here are their answers:
“What type of article do you want me to write and what is it for?”

“Any specifications”

“How many words”

I have 5 hours left. They have not responded to my messages or responses in the order. They also said in the original message they would send me some market research but have not. This is a lot of work trying to figure out what they want for 5 dollars, but I dont want my rating to go down. What should i do? I have 3 revisions, so should i submit something random and ask them what they want and then i can totally do something new for them?


You tried Selling > Buyer Requests > Sent Offers to look for it? Or I misunderstand you completely now, but if you´re searching for the original BR you replied to, you should find it there, left side your offer text, right side the BR’s text.


You can find original BR and your offer aswell in: Messages/Inbox under: “THIS MESSAGE IS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING REQUEST:”

And if you submit random work just to get a revision, buyer may cancel his order. Make sure that buyer agrees with you about that random work.


Hi. You guys saved me. Thanks for the responses.