Order not showing in To-Do list, anyone else?


I have an order that came in hours ago, the gig has started but refuses to populate in my to-do list. Just me? Or another new fiverr bug (feature).


This happened to me too the other day. I just received an email alerting me I was late delivering an order I didn’t even know existed. It was almost invisible. I could only access the order by clicking on it via email.


Hi there,

sometime that happen, for website maintenance,

as fiverr try to give us new experience in every moment so they update regularly their website.

so in that time this problem occur.



I have something similar, and just posted a message to CS (I recommend you do the same.) Posting here does very little other than tell you you’re not crazy.

Send screenshots to CS. They will fix mine due to my ticket, but no guarantee that will have yours fixed/adjusted too.

My Dashboard says “5 Orders”, but only 3 are shown in the list below.

Of course, you probably know you need to refresh Fiverr dashboard pages manually (F5) or click on the “chasing your tail” icon.

Fiverr doesn’t always refresh the page properly, so a manual refresh makes sure we are not missing something when it’s working in its current normal fashion.


Same problem.

The order sat in in my pre-queue waiting for the buyer to provide instructions. I didn’t mind - this happens on occasion - but then Saturday morning at a minute past midnight I’m not sleeping and check my email where I find a notice from Fiverr that I’ve failed to deliver an order on time and the buyer will soon be allowed to cancel. Somehow, this order went from unstarted with no requirements provided by the buyer to almost 24 hours late - and it still wasn’t showing in the queue. I immediately did the order, and then opened a ticket with Fiverr support who oh-so-helpfully informed me that nothing was wrong and everything was as it should be. #ThanksForNothing


This happened to me twice. I had to contact fiverr support and they reloaded my to do list. This is 100% a bug :slight_smile: Similarly, when you complete the rating process as a seller, the to do item should be removed, but many ended up staying in the to do list. The solution again was to ask fiverr support to reload the list. HOpe that helps!


You might want to try and clear your browser but I would also get in touch with CS as @lisabaarns already suggested. Good luck!



Yes that’s my worry that I’ll get a late order. I sent to CS. We’ll see I guess.


twentywestband Today at 22:14

I paid for an order, Fiverr took my money but there is no order in the system. The vendor doesn’t have the order in his system either. At this point, Fiverr has $152.25 of my money but there is no order in the system. Is this common on this site? How quickly will Fiverr resolve this matter?


No it has not happened to my knowledge but there are numerous bugs on the site suddenly.
Fiverr is very good about taking care of this but probably customer service stays busy right now due to the bugs but they will refund your money, or get the bug fixed for you so you can place your order as soon as they can. Did you contact customer support?


I placed an order for a task and I keep getting this message that says that I will get an email for my order and I haven’t received anything and it has been hours since I placed the order.