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Order not showing up - Payment processed twice?

I “accepted” an offer from a Seller,
Initially I got an error message “unable to process”
I tried again and the screen just went straight back to the offer details.
I checked my bank account and the payment has been taken twice.
The order is still not showing as placed.
I have lodged a ticket with support however was advised it could be 24hrs before hearing from them.
I’m commissioning a task that needs to be completed in 24hrs!
How can getting customer support be this inefficient?!?


Please check again, it must be placed, some times you need to submit requirements to start your order

To submit requirements. You need to do this.

If you are using web
Buying>orders>Missing Details

If you are using Mobile APPLICATION
Manage Orders>Missing details

And for second mistaken order you can ask buyer to cancel it

The order is not showing as placed or showing up anywhere. Nothing is showing under “Manage orders”

The seller has not received any notifications

$116 has been removed from my credit card twice!

Contact support to resolve this issue.

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It’s just a real shame that the support team take so long to respond! :frowning: