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Order Not Started Because You Didn't Provide Instructions

I know lots of buyer love sending messages, here’s the thing, once you place an order, you must stop sending messages and start communicating within the order. Otherwise the countdown will not start, and you might get your seller confused.

Also, the following questions should be avoided:

  1. Are you available?
  2. What do you need?
  3. How many do you do for $5?
  4. Are you there?

Yes, some buyers are like that but your post won’t do anything to them. Instead they will ask you “Why do I avoid these questions”?

Reply to @egnesselinks: Hahaha still laughing on your way to think as if you were such buyer. Unfortunately you are completely right, such buyer exists and will do exactly the same.

Reply to @egnesselinks: I remember one guy sent me a message about three services he needed, and he told me he needed it ASAP.

I told him, “If you needed it ASAP, you would have already placed an order.” LOL

Seriously, I wish I could disable the messaging function, buyers are in love with it EVEN after placing an order.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: There should be a quote placed on the header of Fiverr “Messaging Guys seldom Buy”.

Reply to @egnesselinks: I’ve saved a response to save time, but I’d rather wake up to orders, not messages. Then again, I must count my blessings, I could be waking up with nothing.