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Order not started


I have gigs with instructions for buyer to provide me the required files which is mandatory to start work on the order.

Sometimes the buyer provides the files in conversation page and some other times the buyer purchases some gigs after I do the work for them.

In such cases, they just orders the gig as they have given me the files already, or the work is already over.

But in these cases the order says “ORDER NOT STARTED” and it looks meaningless to ask the buyer to respond in the order page to start the order.

If the seller has a button to start the order if needed, this problem will be solved. Any other has the same problem as me?

You should have a green “Nudge” button on those gigs. That will generate an auto message along the lines of “Nudge Nudge, do you have the stuff I need to start this gig”. I personally never use the nudge button, it’s pretty informal for the types of buyers I service. Instead, I just write the buyer a quick note (I actually have an auto-response for it.) Asking the buyer isn’t meaningless at all. Most buyers don’t use the site every day like sellers do, and it’s easy for them to forget and think the ordering is finished, when it isn’t.

As a side note: Sometimes the buyer just isn’t well prepared. When they see your order requirements, they realize at that moment: “Oh, I need to prepare better for this.” So I usually try to give them at least half a day before I write. Your timer hasn’t started, so it’s better to err on the side of caution than come off as pushy.

Simply instruct the buyer to submit the file again (or any file or even a hello for that matter)

Any suggestions from other sellers on how you deal with this problem? Kindly share your ideas.

it sounds like you nit to hit the “Nudge Buyer” button - this will inform them they have to send you their requirements. If you still don’t get them, don’t do any work and let Fiverr support know - it may be someone trying to get free work out of you.

I think it’s a bug. I had two orders with issue like this. I tried “Nudge Buyer” button, it doesn’t work either. I already created a ticket for this. It’s the 4th day, I still have to hear from CS. I hope it will be sorted out soon. It’s frustrating.

Yes obviously there is a Bug with that feature - it seems to be random. Sometimes everything works fine, sometimes there is the unwanted behaviour you guys already described.

Thanks for the info…

Also instead of “Nudge Buyer” button, Fiverr should give the sellers another button called “Start Order” which will ignore any requirement set by the seller and immediately start the order countdown rather than waiting for the Buyer to respond. Any thoughts on this…

Reply to @artportraits: Thank you. Let me know what the CS says for your ticket.