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ORDER NOW button must be everywhere especially in the private message area!


Of my 1000+ client, I can say that 200 of them have asked me what to do to make an order while talking in private message. They keeps on making apology of being new to fiverr so they need to be assisted. In my part as a seller, it is really troublesome for me to copy and paste my gig’s page and tell them to find the ORDER NOW button. I think it will be a good idea if that button is always reachable by the buyer so no time is wasted. If this is not a good suggestion, please give me advice. Thank you.


Be careful!!! Do not make ordering so easy on fiverr. Why? Because buyers will order $50 worth of service and expect to pay $5. No, don’t do it.

All orders must be negotiated first. Provide your buyers price quote first. Make sure you are available to do the job and you both agree to the price and scope of work.

I prefer to do a quick quote using my own quoting document and have the buyer sign it before I begin work. I do not want buyers to randomly drop orders upon me. I’ve been there and I will not accept orders before buyer and I have thoroughly discussed their job requirements.


I use the mobile app for that sort of explanation because you can easily share your gigs there (I wish that feature was available on the full platform too) and I’ve just gotten really good at condensing the steps and making it easier to understand.

I think it’s actually good to explain it because it shows that you’re helpful, responsive, and kind - all things that buyers look for in a favorite seller.