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Order page and order messages not showing

When in order page and clicking on my order it send me directly to home page. When clicking new order message from seller from notifications page fails to load


When trying to submit a request my order number says invalid

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May be a Bug… Don’t worry, it will be OK after few minutes. Try again later…

Happy Freelancing…

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It’s been like this since Jan. 13th and now that my order is ready I cannot even view it or the messages the seller is sending

Fiverr really has so many message bugs… Messages not being shown, notifications coming twice or not at all…

Have you tried using a desktop browser?

Cleared cache used app Firefox safari chrome and two laptops

Sounds like you’ve done all the standard tests. Guess it’s time to file a ticket directly with Fiverr CS:

Let us know what they say?

Cache clean and wait a moment