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Order Page not updating after I deliver an order

For some reason tonight, when I deliver an order, it is still showing on my dashboard as if I haven’t delivered it. If I go to the order listings page, it is gone, but, not on the dashboard.

Not sure anyone else is having this same issue.



Same here, just an hour or so ago. Happened on two orders. They did eventually ‘refresh’, but took much longer than usual.

When checking the Orders screen (rather than the Dashboard), it all looked OK in there, and the orders have definitely been submitted. Seems to be that the system is being slow rather than not working.

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I had issues 2 days ago. I delivered the order and once the Buyer accepted it went all fine. Once the Buyer Tipped me, the already reviewed order’s timer continued. The Tip was also not counted too.
After about 30 minutes of stressing, everything got fixed.

So the Fiverr website got delays and lagging a lot this week.

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When I just checked now, the dashboard is correct. Weird.


Hi, I think this happened a while back and as I recall after a short time it disappeared from the dashboard so give it some time and see if it goes away. oops you beat me to it.

This is happening to me right now…

My Orders page is not updating. I delivered an order to a client, and it took about 30 minutes before it showed as “delivered” on my orders page… okay, so a little delayed, but I can live with that…

However, an order I received 3 hours ago is still not showing up in my orders list. The only way I can get to it is to go find it in my notifications (where it says I received an order), and click through there. It then shows that the countdown started 3 hours ago, but there is no sign of it in my orders list.

Anyone else having this problem?


same to me… i delivered and order is still active.

Also, 1 new order not showing in my dashboard.

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same to me :frowning: i feel so sad, fiverr got lots of BUGS these days.

I am having an issue with mine. It is showing that I delivered on the orders page, but the dashboard is counting up as it being late. I hope this is not an issue.

This has happened to me today too. I hope that it won’t affect my order delivery time or my earnings. Let’s hope they fix it soon!

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Same thing here. It shows delivered when I click on the order, but not on my dashboard.

I have experienced the same issue with two of my orders. One of them eventually updated. The second one is still showing as not delivered.

It looks like the buyers are not notified of the delivery. I just checked with my buyer and they did not get the notification. But it does show that it is delivered on their side I guess.

Same here. It just started happening today and I came on here to check if anyone else had the same issue.

Edit: Some delivered orders have moved over (though a completed one is currently still “in progress” and a new order hasn’t appeared at all yet). It looks like it’s just REALLY slow.

Same issue here. It still shows on the dashboard but when you click it’s status is delivered.