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Order page vs Inbox

I really hate the order page and im sure many people also do. It’s not real-time communication, it’s slow, you must refresh page every time your client replies (especially when client writes message after message with one line each haha).

I wonder if there is any problem to completely ignore order page and just keep all business on inbox?

I also prefer the inbox, mainly due to having many regular customers; it’s so much easier to scroll through the inbox than to have to dig through 78 orders to find some info …

The only actual problems I see are

  1. (very important, as you risk a warning/ban) any exchange of contact information that’s needed for the gig, according to info I got from support, has to be done on the order page, and only on the order page, not per inbox

  2. if the customer seems to prefer the order page (maybe they think it’s more offiial), in which case, I’d use it as well

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